2 hurt when car rolls into hole in Harwich

HARWICH, MASS. (WHDH) - Two women were rescued after their car fell in a hole at a construction site in Harwich, officials said.

Fire officials said crews were working on a gas line at the intersection of Depot Road around and Denise Lane around noon when a driver veered off into a ditch.

After two hours, firefighters finally pulled two women, who were not seriously hurt, out of the car.

“Two technical rescue team members went into the car and strapped them into the harness and we actually lifted them out with a block and tackle almost,” Deputy Fire Chief Dave Leblanc said

Nancy Fournier watched the scene unfold from inside her daughter’s house.

“It took quite a while with many many men around to get the car out,” she said. “They took the people out first.”

Firefighters said that section of Depot Street was closed to install a new gas main.

The driver missed the detour signs.

Both told 7News they are doing OK.

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