2 huskies found wandering on the Tobin Bridge are back home with their owners

BOSTON (WHDH) - Two huskies that were spotted wandering through traffic on the Tobin Bridge on Thursday are back home with their owners.

Concerned motorists and state troopers teamed up to save two dogs.

Dustin O’Brien spotted the two huskies running on the bridge as he was heading home to Boston around 3:30 p.m.

“The way I would describe it is a couple of Clydesdales coming up the highway,” he said.

O’Brien says he drove in the breakdown lane to try and catch up with the speedy pups.

“I just kind of ripped ahead and tried to get to the dogs before the oncoming traffic came,” he explained.

Traffic cameras captured O’Brien trying to get a handle on the Huskies.

“I hopped out, made a bunch of noise, got the dogs over to the railing, they were super pumped to see someone and pinned them down and I held them,” he recalled. “They were licking me the whole time.”

Another driver stopped and helped keep the dogs corralled until state police arrived to take them to safety.

“They got incredibly happy when they got in the back of the trooper’s cruiser,” O’Brien said.

The dogs did not have on collars and their owner was nowhere in sight, so they were turned over to Chelsea Animal Control.

The pups then took a trip to the North Shore Animal Hospital in Lynn for an evaluation.

It is still unclear how the dogs found themselves on the bridge during rush hour traffic.

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