2 men attempt to travel to every MBTA stop in world record time

BOSTON (WHDH) — Off one train and on to the next without time to speak, two men set out Friday morning with the hopes of traveling to every MBTA stop in world record time.

Dominic Diluzio and Alex Cox hope the Guinness Book of World Records will recognize them for riding the entire T in the shortest amount of time.

The duo has to document every move and every stop to comply with a 32-page book of requirements in order to qualify for the record.

They say they set up the plan about a year ago out of a shared love for the T.

“We’re big collectors. We collect a lot of old memorabilia, old signs and tokens,” Cox said.

Diluzio says he hopes to accomplish the task in eight hours, but any time less than that would be ideal.

“If we beat 8 hours great. Anything less than that is the best because it will make it more difficult for everyone else,” Diluzio said.

It could take Guinness months to recognize the accomplishment once it’s completed.

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