2 rescued after car crashes into pool in Barre

BARRE, MASS. (WHDH) - Two men were rescued Wednesday after the car they were riding in crashed into a pool in Barre.

The incident happened on North Brookfield Road. Ashley Harnois said her 65-year-old father was driving her 25-year-old nephew to run errands. He took her brother’s Cadillac, which she said he was not used to driving.

“He pulled up here, thought he was in reverse, went back and tried to do a three-point turn and instead had it in drive and went forward,” said Harnois.

The car smashed through a fence and drove into their backyard, where it landed in the pool. Harnois said her brother was inside the house at the time and heard the crash.

“He came out, went right into the water and got them,” said Harnois. Her brother dragged their father out of the already-open car window, then swam back down to get his son. First responders said the two were rescued before they arrived on the scene.

Both men were taken to the UMass Memorial Medical Center with only cuts and bruises. A crane was brought in to remove the car from the pool.

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