2 trapped in the rubble of home explosion

A community is recovering after a vacant house explodes in Ohio.

Police body cameras show the harrowing rescue of two people, a man and a woman, who were trapped under piles of rubble. They are in critical condition.

Police and good samaritans can be heard calling out as they frantically work to extricate them.

Mark Anthony was on his way to work when he felt the blast. Anthony said, “It shook our whole truck. So I look up and I see a mushroom cloud.”

The blast was powerful enough to blow out the stain glass windows of the church across the street. Neighbors say they could feel the percussion wave blocks away.

The homes in the immediate vicinity also suffered significant damage. One man likened the scene to 9/11 saying, “I couldn’t even get down my street.”

The owners of the property claim that it was vacant and locked up.

Investigators are trying to determine if the blow was caused by scrappers, who may have disrupted a gas line while trying to steal pipes and wires.

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