Fall River police officer caught on camera playing Pokemon Go

FALL RIVER, MASS. (WHDH) - A Fall River police officer was caught on camera playing the popular smartphone app Pokemon Go, trying to “catch them all.”

Officer Jonathan Estrella was on patrol Sunday when he noticed a group of people on their phones. He could tell right away they were playing the game, which is a virtual scavenger hunt game that has gone viral in less than a week. Estrella decided to join them.

“They were actually impressed that a police officer would even know what it is,” said Estrella.

The moment was captured on camera and posted to Twitter. It has been retweeted more than 1,000 times.

“Things like this kind of bridge a gap between the police and the community. They were able to talk about a common subject and it broke all barriers between them,” said Fall River Police Det.
Nelson Sousa.

Sousa handles most of the department’s social media posts and said Estrella did not even realize the photos had been taken.

“I think it is important right now that there is more community police involvement with each other and communication so that way some of the fears and misconceptions
can be lessened,” said Sousa.

Police are urging people playing the game to use common sense.

They said players should not trespass on private property, walk out into traffic or go searching for characters late at night in unsafe areas.