2nd veterans group decries St. Patrick’s parade exclusion

BOSTON (AP) — A second veterans’ organization says it has been barred from participating in this year’s Boston St. Patrick’s Day parade.

Veterans for Peace said Friday that it was denied the right to participate in the March 19 parade because “we work for peace and peaceful resolution of conflict.”

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Veterans for Peace has been trying for several years to get permission to march. Local chapter member Pat Scanlon called the group’s exclusion “shameful.”

Parade organizers didn’t immediately return a call for comment.

The organizers of the parade are expected to hold a meeting Friday to reconsider their vote to shut out the gay veterans group, OutVets.

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This week’s decision to bar OutVets from marching drew immediate condemnation from high-profile politicians and stirred up a furor on social media.

OutVets was first allowed to participate in the parade in 2015.

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