3 accused of threatening to kill Weymouth resident on Facebook Live

WEYMOUTH, MA (WHDH) - Three men were arrested for allegedly threatening to kill a Weymouth juvenile in a Facebook Live video.

Police said they were called to the Weymouth Commons apartment complex on Tuesday after getting a report about a man waving a gun around. The victim in the incident lives at the apartment complex. The three suspects were allegedly found in a car: 19-year-old Kedersen Michel Jr., 21-year-old Jonathan Bonner-Minus and 20-year-old Claude Rosier Jr.

Police said they found a gun in the backseat of the car. In the Facebook Live video, Michel allegedly pointed the barrel of the gun at the camera and threatened to shoot the victim. Prosecutors said Michel told police he was just “messing with my cousin.” His cousin allegedly took screenshots of the Facebook Live and gave them to police.

Police believe the three suspects are part of a Boston gang and traveled to Weymouth to confront the victim. Tia Michel, the victim’s mother, said she moved her family to Weymouth to get away from gang activity in Boston.

“We’re family. It makes no sense, you’re not supposed to be our enemy,” said Tia Michel.

The three suspects now face multiple charges, including threatening and intimidation. They are due back in court on Friday for a dangerousness hearing.