Two suspected burglars and their alleged getaway driver were arrested after police said they broke into a house in Rockland.

Dan Crossman said he was at work Thursday when his home surveillance caught two women trying to break into his house. He said the cameras filmed them trying to break into the porch window and even knocking at the front door. Crossman said they eventually came back with a ladder and hoisted it up to a second-floor window, where they crawled inside.

The two suspects allegedly grabbed a safe but were caught by Brandon McGuiness, Crossman’s roommate who happened to come home as they were preparing to leave.

"I noticed her dropping the safe out the window," said McGuiness. "That’s when I knew it was a breaking and entering."

McGuiness called 911 and police quickly caught up with the two suspects and their getaway driver. Crossman and McGuiness said they plan to upgrade their home’s security and get a dog.

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