3,100 Mass. employees out of a job after Legal Seafoods shuts down restaurants, plant due to coronavirus

Legal Seafoods has closed all of its restaurants and its Seaport processing plant amid the coronavirus emergency.

The restaurant chain’s president Roger Berkowitz said they are working on a plan to take care of their employees including the 3,100 in Massachusetts and the fishermen on which they rely for the freshest catches.

This is an unprecedented situation and Berkowitz said he is not sure what is going to happen when it is all over.

“We’re all in this together this isn’t something that just impacts the restaurant business and our employees.. it impacts everybody,” he said. “At the end of the day, I hope we’ll come out stronger.”

Legal Seafoods is not offering take out for the time being but Berkowitz said they might find a way to deliver products from the plant.