4 bears roaming New Hampshire neighborhood to be euthanized

HANOVER, N.H. (AP) — New Hampshire’s bear biologist says a mother bear and three yearlings roaming neighborhoods for food near Dartmouth College have to be caught and euthanized. Two of the bears recently got inside a home.

Andrew Timmins tells the Valley News it’s the Fish and Game Department’s least preferred option, but the bears have become “habituated,” unafraid of humans. Timmins blamed much of the problem on some residents failing to take in their bird feeders by April 1 and not properly securing their garbage.

Terrence Welch, who lives near a nature preserve in Hanover, said as he was approaching his home Saturday, he saw two yearlings come out of a sliding screen door onto the deck, and one tried to push open a door later. Police fired blanks or sounded their alarms to scare the bears away.

Police have fielded numerous calls in the last few months.

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