WAKEFIELD, Mass. (WHDH) — A chaotic scene in Wakefield where a car drove straight into a packed dance studio, injuring three kids and two adults.

“We heard a squeal, then a loud bang,” said Karen Williams, who heard the accident.

Neil Williams lives nearby and didn’t hesitate to rush over, hoping to help.

“I just covered the lady that was injured and just checked the back, make sure there was nobody in the back or under the vehicle,” said Williams.

Police said three teens were injured, along with two adults, including the dance instructor.

“We saw some people who had some injuries, two were bleeding, but nothing too serious,” said Karen Williams.

Brooke Piscorino is friends with some of the teens hurt. She is in shock.

“It’s scary to think that that could actually happen,” she said. “I ran down here right when it happened because she told me about it and I ran down here as fast as I could because you wouldn’t think that would happen in Wakefield. It’s just scary.”

“They were crying, you could tell that they were just traumatized by what happened,” said Hannah Marasco, who is friends with the victims.

Police said the 55-year-old driver will be charged in the crash. She walked away unharmed.

“She didn’t appear to be hurt, didn’t say anything, just climbed out, walked away,” said Williams.

Witnesses said it was amazing no one else with hurt, based on the amount of damage.

Police believe the driver first backed into a pole then went to go drive before slamming right into the building. The teens injured range from 13-16. All are expected to be okay.

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