5-year-old Sudbury girl who contracted EEE showing ‘signs of improvement’

BOSTON (WHDH) - A 5-year-old Sudbury girl who was recently hospitalized in critical condition after she tested positive for the potentially fatal Eastern Equine Encephalitis virus is said to be showing “signs of improvement.”

Sophia Garabedian was rushed to Boston Children’s Hospital on Sept. 3 after experiencing severe flu symptoms, headaches, and an apparent seizure, family members said.

After high fever and brain swelling caused Garabedian to become unresponsive, hospital staffers conducted tests that came back positive for the potentially fatal virus.

“Sophia is beginning to show some signs of improvement. The doctors say the swelling in her brain is starting to subside,” a post shared Tuesday on Sophia’s gofundme page said. “She’s out of the acute phase and entering the recovery phase. Thank you everyone – we are extremely appreciative of everyone’s kindness, thoughtfulness, and well wishes.”

Sophia’s family says they have a medical insurance plan but expect “massive” out-of-pocket costs.

The GoFundMe has raised more than $100,000 since it went live on Monday.

A 59-year-old Bay State woman died from EEE last month, and Rhode Island officials announced on Monday that a person died from the virus.

There are 36 communities now at critical risk, 42 at high risk, and 115 at moderate risk for the EEE virus in Massachusetts.

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