A local gun club has developed a unique gun safety course they feel will save lives.

And it could end up being a part of a national program.

7INVESTIGATES got an inside look at how it all works. Dave Puglisi has the story.

It’s tragic and absolutely unspeakable.

7Investigates found that nearly 57% of all gun deaths in Massachusetts come from accidental shootings or suicide.

Those numbers are mirrored nationwide causing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to take notice.

The CDC is looking for new strategies to combat gun violence.

Members of the Weston Shooters Club believe they have the answer.

“We have formalized this now and are trying to work with the CDC who are looking for a solution to reduce gun violence and gun deaths and we already have the program,” said Weston Shooters Club owner Victor Grillo.

Grillo recruited a team of experts including military members, former police officers and Harvard psychologists to share their knowledge.

Chief Range Officer Ralph Bibbo said, “I know what it’s like to lose somebody and family to gun violence.”

Their work gave birth to GAASP:  Gun Accident Assault, and Suicide Prevention. The gun safety training program has received high praise from several public safety officials.

“It’s so common sense that anyone can do it and as we discussed David, we want you to take the course and see for yourself,” Grillo said.

The 30-minute class prioritizes safety at home.

The program then goes into what gun owners call the “elephant in the room” – talks of gun suicide prevention.

Instructors stress the importance of creating a barrier between someone in distress and their guns and not being afraid to ask for help.

GAASP will continue to be refined by experts and taught to members at the Weston Shooters Club with hopes of one day seeing it taught in every state.

Later this year the CDC will be looking at GAASP to review it and see if it will be awarded a grant for further research. Whether or not they receive that grant the creators hope that GAASP will catch on in every state.

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