7 Investigates gets landlord to fix property after Brockton family complains of mice infestation

BROCKTON, MASS. (WHDH) - A Brockton family says tiny critters, created a big infestation in their home.

7 Investigates stepped in when they say their landlord let the mice take over.

Mice have taken over Amanda Spott’s life and her Brockton apartment.

“I caught 12 in one day,” says Amanda. “Every morning, there’s 2 or 3. And then throughout the day, I empty the traps. We have 80 mice here, in the past 2 months. That’s not fair to us. That’s neglect.”

The mother of two says the situation is beyond disgusting, it’s making her son sick.

A doctor says the 2-year-old is getting badly bitten by bugs the mice bring into her home.

“When it comes to my kids, this is getting serious now,” says Amanda.

How are all these mice getting inside? Amanda blames holes in the foundation.

She showed 7 Investigates several big holes around the property.

Amanda called 7 Investigates looking for help because she says she’s been asking her landlord to fill them in for months.

Peter Georgantas, the landlord, was there when we arrived. After interviewing Amanda, he agreed to talk with us.

At first, he said Amanda’s pet rabbit was attracting the mice and she should get rid of it. Amanda says she keeps all of the rabbit food in lidded containers.

“Get a cat. A cat is almost guaranteed to keep everything away,” says Peter. We asked if a tenant should have to get a cat to get rid of that many mice? Peter said, “it helps.”

When we asked why he didn’t just fill in the holes, he said he didn’t think that would solve the problem.

“They’re tiny sometimes, and they can get into the tiny silver,” said Peter.

Eventually, Peter promised to fix the foundation. This was Monday, December 14th.

‘Well, obviously now that I see you guys here, I’m going to do that,” says Peter. “I hate to think you guys had to come out here for me to do that, but hey, Channel 7 does the trick.”

Peter kept his promise.

The next day, December 15th, the holes were filled. Amanda told 7, “That’s definitely better than it was before. Appreciate you guys. I’m sorry it came to having to call the news. Should have been done years ago. But that’s perfect.”

“The City Board of Health first responded to 17 W Ashland St on February 24, 2020. The landlord was ordered to fix the problems, including replacing electrical outlets and exterminating, which he did. The City did not get another complaint on this property until mid-December which was responded to promptly by the Board of Health. The landlord was ordered to replace several kitchen appliances and to exterminate again on December 15, 2020.”

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