7 Investigates: Man seen walking naked down Cape Cod street wearing GPS ankle monitor

YARMOUTH, MASS. (WHDH) - It’s a sight so shocking we can’t show you all of it. A man walking naked down the street in Yarmouth.

The only thing Robert Dube was wearing on a June afternoon was a GPS monitor around his ankle.

His lawyer says there’s an explanation.

“He had indicated that he’d fallen into the marsh and gotten stuck. And the only way he was able to get out was to remove his shoes and pants,” says Peter Aspesi.

The video of Dube was posted on Facebook. That’s how the mother of his two children saw it.

“I honestly was baffled. I was baffled, I was taken aback by it,” says Rebecca Holzworth.

Rebecca Holzworth couldn’t believe Dube wasn’t behind bars. He’s awaiting trial, accused of raping and trying to kill her.

She says she lives every day in fear.

“For the safety of my children, I’m speaking up. And I’m going to tell my story, and I’m going to make it known he hurt me,” says Holzworth.

Dube had been behind bars for months because he didn’t have enough money for bail.

Then in April, his attorney filed a motion for his release, saying Dube had a medical condition that put him at high risk of serious complications if he contracted coronavirus.

His lawyers also questioned the accuracy of Rebecca’s accusations amid a custody battle over their kids.

Prosecutors fought to keep Dube in jail, concerned for Rebecca’s safety.

“He strangled her on multiple occasions, your honor,” prosecutors argued during a court hearing. Prosecutors also said they believe he did not have an increased COVID risk.

“He’s 35 years old and for all other intents and purposes, a healthy man, I don’t think he’s in the “vulnerable category.”

Prosecutors also asked the judge to consider Dube’s long criminal history, arrested nearly 40 times for both violent and non-violent crimes.

In the end, Dube was able to get out on a lower bail, as long as he agreed to wear an ankle monitor.

“It was the most sickening feeling I’ve ever had in my life,” says Holzworth.

Two months later he walked down this street, completely naked.

“I need them to understand that this man is a danger to society,” says Holzworth.

Dube was recently put back behind bars at Barnstable Correctional Facility in September. Probation officers say he failed to keep his ankle monitor charged, a violation of his bail.

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