Heading out of town for the long weekend? Packing is about to get a whole easier — and even possibly stress-free.

Yes, it's actually possible to pack without getting a headache, thanks to these hacks. Huffington Post Senior Fashion editor Julee Wilson stopped by TODAY to share some of her packing tips and tricks that will make filling your suitcase and unpacking at your destination a breeze. Some of Wilson's ideas are so simple and easy, they'll just become part of your regular travel routine.

Check out Wilson's packing tricks below. They'll leave you traveling like a pro!

1. Don't ruin that pressed collar.

Using the old shower trick to de-wrinkle a dress shirt while traveling is most likely the last thing you want to do when you arrive. However, a belt is an easy way to keep the collar of a woven shirt looking neat and stiff. Roll the belt around the collar, so it acts as a mold for keeping the collar in place.

2. Take advantage of shoes.

Worried about dirtying your clothes with shoes? Use an old shower cap or take one from the hotel and use it to cover the bottom of shoes, so it keeps the clothes clean in the suitcase. Then instead of weighing down the luggage with shoe trees, roll socks and stuff them in the shoes. They work just as well for preserving the shoe's shape. When packing, the shoes need to go in the suitcase first as this prevents the suitcase from becoming top-heavy and toppling over.

3. Make use of garment bags.

Next time you pick up the dry cleaning, make sure to save the bags for packing. The plastic bags work especially well for wrinkle-prone clothing because they help reduce friction, which ultimately causes wrinkling. Place the clothes face down on a table and make sure all buttons are closed. Then take a plastic garment bag and place it on the back of a dress shirt, for example. Fold the arms of the shirt around the bag and then take another garment bag and place the shirt inside for extra wrinkle-free protection.

4. Avoid leaks.

There's nothing worse than opening your suitcase and finding out that your toiletries have spilled. A super simple trick is to cut squares of plastic wrap and then place them in between the bottle and cap. This adds an extra layer of security, should the cap not be screwed on tightly enough.

5. Protect the razor.

Just throwing a razor into your suitcase can easily lead to clothes being snagged. While razor caps are a good idea, the reality is they often just fall off and don't end up doing their job. An easy way to make sure the blade is protected is to take a binder clip and place it over the blade.

6. Don't burn your clothes.

Just about everyone can relate to getting ready for a trip and being pressed for time. Next time this happens and there's a hot curling iron or straightener, don't risk burning the clothes by just throwing it in the suitcase. Instead, grab a pot holder and wrap the hot tool inside. When at the hotel, the pot holder can then be used as a heat pad on the counter for the flat iron or curling iron.

7. Tag your luggage.

Getting to the bag carousel and not finding your luggage is a bad feeling. The thought that someone could have taken it by mistake is even worse. Avoid this by tying a colored bow or scarf to your suitcase, making it easy to spot among a sea of similar-looking bags. Another good idea is to get a "fragile" sticker at the airport, which helps prioritize your suitcase. One of these stickers can make sure your bags ends up on the top of a luggage pile or be the first ones out on the carousel.

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