7Investigates: Computer hack locks local woman out of Facebook

Family means everything to Marie. So as a proud parent, she loves showing them off in photos and videos on Facebook.

“Just a lot of vacation, just going places with the family, and friends,” says Marie.

She has been posting for 11 years, since her kids were in diapers.

“I post my family and friends, that’s it. I don’t post politics. Nothing bad,” says

But Marie hasn’t been allowed to post anything since May.

“I went to go on my account and it wouldn’t let me and then it all of a sudden said it was disabled,” says Marie.

Turns out, Marie’s computer had been hacked.

“They got into my credit cards, changing passwords, Netflix, all kinds of things,” says Marie.

And the hackers changed her facebook profile picture, to an ISIS flag.

“I was very sad. I couldn’t believe it, I was very upset,” says Marie.

Facebook shut the page down, wiping 11 years of photos and videos away.

“I  feel violated. Like I don’t know where any of that is, I don’t know who has it,” says Marie.

Marie says for 3 months, she’s tried to create new Facebook accounts in a million different ways.

“Every time I tried, they disabled it, they said I don’t follow community standards,” says Marie.
She says no one from Facebook will talk to her.

“I tried to get in touch with Facebook by email and just on Facebook, just trying to get in touch with them, nothing. No response,” says Marie.

Marie says she just wants all of her memories back, either through reinstating her account, or at least allowing her to access it again.

“Check my account, see that I’m a good person,” says Marie.

7 Investigates has contacted Facebook multiple times, but has not yet heard back.

“Hopefully just Facebook hears people that are in my shoes and helps them open their accounts,” says Marie.

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