7News runs with group on One Boston Day that helps homeless

BOSTON (WHDH) - 7’s Wren Clair ran with a special group on One Boston Day that is dedicated to helping homeless people regain confidence and get involved in the community through the power of running.

Theresa Lynn, of Back On My Feet, said the group runs three days a week early in the morning. If members attend three runs 90 percent of the time within a month, they move on to the Next Steps program through Back On My Feet. The Next Steps program provides job skill training and get individuals involved with organizations that will get them hired.

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Lynn described the group as “co-creating a path” to help people find a job and get their lives involved.

Donna Forkey said she was homeless when she joined Back On My Feet three years ago, saying she was looking for something to do.

“It’s something that gives you structure in life and they help you with everything,” said Forkey. She said the group helped her with finding employment and housing. She has since gone to school to learn computers and now does inventory and spreadsheets for Back On My Feet. She also volunteers with the group and still goes running with them.

As part of One Boston Day, Clair gave out gift bags of running gear that were donated by 7News, Modell’s, Nike and New Balance.

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