7News Special Report: Dash cams for everyday drivers

(WHDH) — Shocking scenes and chaotic crashes are being captured on video more and more.

Even these heart-stopping seconds when a semi-truck rips down powerlines on Cape Cod. Each one unfolding in front of small cameras inside of cars. They’re commonly known as dash cams and they are not just for police and first responders anymore. They’re now a tool for everyday drivers.

“It gives me a sense of security. Now if I leave my car parked somewhere, I know if somebody hits it, I’m going to catch them,” said Mark Seneski, who just bought two dash cams. One for his car and one for his wife’s car – which has been hit three times recently while it was parked. Each time was a hit-and-run.

“After the third time I said, that’s it,” said Seneski.

The technology is becoming more advanced. These cameras are no longer just small devices that sit on the dashboard. They are now full surveillance systems that are touch sensitive, sound sensitive and also have coverage in the front as well as the back and they can run 24/7.

“More and more people are calling about them, inquiring about them,” said Mark Savickas, who sells and installs the cameras at Audio Answer in Waltham. He’s been in business for 24 years and says just over the past few years dash cams have become one of the most common requests from clients.

Now there’s a growing list of reasons to have one. From fighting a parking ticket to evidence in an accident. Many believe this is just the beginning of the camera craze.

“I just think the more and more the public knows about them the more and more they’re going to use them,” said Savickas.

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