This time tomorrow, some of the voting places in New Hampshire will already be open.
And our final tracking poll gives us a last look at where the candidates stand right now.

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The Republicans are the big story…Because we know who’s on top, but that’s about all we know. The Democratic race is much easier to predict:

Bernie Sanders is now beating Hillary Clinton by 16 points- 56% to 40%, after he lost a point overnight, and she kept what she had.

Undecided is up to 4%, an increase of two points since yesterday.

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The tracking poll shows Sanders is too far ahead of Clinton for her to catch him by Tuesday.

All she can do now is try to cut the margin her loss..

But the Republican race is more complicated, and the outcome is a mystery.

Donald Trump stays in the top spot, with 34%, after dropping two points overnight..

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Then, a tie for second–at 13%–after Marco Rubio lost a point, and there was no change in Ted Cruz’s support. 

John Kasich and Jeb Bush also are now tied, at 10%. Kasich gained one point…While Bush held steady.

In the back of the GOP pack:

Chris Christie gained a point, and is now at 5%; Carly Fiorina stays at four, and Ben Carson is stuck on three.

And look at this number:  Nine percent of Republican primary voters are undecided the day before polls open.

The tracking poll gives you the picture: Donald Trump, alone on top.  
Then the cluster of Rubio, Cruz, Kasich, and Bush.

All four of them are in the hunt for second and third place.

Who’ll decide the Republican race?

The voters who are still undecided..

There are enough of them to make one candidate Tuesday night say "I love New Hampshire," while others will say something I can’t repeat on

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