Massachusetts representatives Stephen Lynch and Lori Trahan said they wanted to see Ukranian refugees welcomed in the United States as they visited Poland Sunday.

Lynch and Trahan went to Rzeszow with other lawmakers and diplomats to see the humanitarian crisis that has been unfolding since Russia started attacking Ukraine almost a month ago.

They also met with aid workers and spoke one-on-one with a few of the more than two million refugees who have fled to Poland.

Trahan said she expects Massachusetts to welcome and settle refugees too.

“I do expect Massachusetts to lead in this regard. We have a long history of welcoming asylum seekers and refugees not just to this country but to our state,” Trahan said.

Lynch said Congress recently approved more than $13 billion in aid for Ukraine that included military weaponry and equipment.

“That flow of weaponry is encouraging for their side, but of course they need more,” Lynch said.

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