7’s Alaina Pinto gives Six Flags tickets to Boys and Girls Club of Boston

BOSTON (WHDH) - 7’s Alaina Pinto took the “Coasters for a Cause” challenge at Six Flags last week and earned a special prize for a deserving charity. Read about her experience below, and watch the video to see how she did it.


It was a tough job…

But somebody had to do it! And I did it! I took the ‘Coasters For a Cause’ challenge at Six Flags last week. In less than three hours, I rode all 13 roller coasters to earn 100 tickets to the park for a charity. And 7News chose to give the tickets to a place where kids would love to go to the amusement park for a day.

We’re outside the Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston, Orchard Gardens Club now after riding my thirteen roller coasters at Six Flags, I have won my 100 tickets so I am ready to give them to the kids in the garden. Lets go.

All right everybody, I have 100 tickets in my hands to Six Flags!!  (Yay!!)  Have you ever been to Six Flags before?  (No!!)  Are you excited to go?  (Yeah!!)

And they’re pumped!

“I’m expecting to see everyone yelling their heads off and I hope I can go on every ride,” said Yasmin.

“The ride I am looking forward to the most is The Joker cause it’s a new ride and I heard it’s really scary and I like scary rides,” said Haleef.

The director, Russ Lamberti is grateful.

“I was thinking it would be really cool to send my kids on one of these massive trips that we generally don’t have the funds to do,” said Russ.

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston serve 16,000 kids throughout the year. Orchard Gardens is one of 11 clubs and has a garden, a media center, and of course sports!

“I get to play like a bunch of sports and I like seeing all my friends during the summer,” said Yasmin.

And this summer includes a trip to Six Flags!

“It’s gonna be an awesome day.  I think the staff is more excited for it than some of the kids,” said Russ.

Kids: “Thank you!”

Alaina: “You’re welcome.”

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