7’s one-on-one interview with Sen. Elizabeth Warren

BOSTON (WHDH) - 7’s Sharman Sacchetti spoke with Sen. Elizabeth Warren about President Donald Trump, former Sen. Scott Brown and what she feels is the biggest threat facing the country

Warren is in Boston, where she held an event Thursday at the Old South Church for her new book, “This Fight is Our Fight.” Warren said she wrote it to tell the story of a government that no longer helps the middle class.

“What’s happened is that Washington has moved away from that. Money slithers through Washington like a snake,” said Warren. “Government has been taken over by the rich and the powerful and every single day they make it work better for themselves and a little worse for everyone else.”

Warren said she wrote the book now to explain what is going on and she hopes she can get more people engaged.

Sacchetti spoke with Warren the same day her one-time rival, former Sen. Scott Brown, was nominated by Trump to be the ambassador to New Zealand. Warren tweeted her congratulations to Brown earlier on Thursday and told Sacchetti she spoke with him.

“I told him how please I am that he’s been nominated,” said Warren. “I have no doubt that he will give it everything that he’s got, that he will make us proud.”

When asked about Trump’s accomplishments in office in his first 100 days, she said, “The accomplishments have not been good accomplishments.” She used his healthcare plan as an example.

“That’s been the showpiece of the first hundred days. Is that he embraced a bill, that would have taken healthcare coverage away from 24 million people,” said Warren, adding that he is “delivering one gut punch after another to hardworking families.”

Warren called Russia the biggest threat to America, saying that “follow through in multiple ways.”

“I don’t want to take my eye off Russia or take my eye off the multiple threats that they pose.”

Warren did say she agrees with Trump’s support of bringing back a banking law that would protect consumers. However, she said that she would not run for president in 2020.

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