8 arrested after brawl erupts at Revere Beach

REVERE, Mass. (WHDH) — Several teenagers and young adults were arrested Monday evening after police said a brawl erupted at Revere Beach and spilled over to the T.

Witnesses said a large crowd at the beach’s bandstand got unruly. Several people were arrested as State Police, Transit Police and Revere police officers tried to break things up.

“It started off with young teens and it got worse and worse,” said Eunnidy Sanon. “Got on the train, the car next to us, kids were running off, got on our car. Rumor was that three windows are broken, somebody kicked the windows open supposedly.”

Theresa Stergo said it appeared to start between two girls, who were fighting after one of them discovered her boyfriend had been cheating. Stergo said it looked like one of them accidentally hit a police officer.

An alert was put out about police activity on the T after witnesses said the fight spread onto the train.

In total, eight people were arrested. They face charges including assault and battery and disorderly conduct.

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