Exeter, NH (WHDH) — When Max Parenti said he stumbled upon a big wad of cash his mom had to see it to believe it.

"I couldn't believe it," says Heidi Parenti. "He and his dad called me and I said prove it and then they sent a picture of Max with the money fanned out in front of him. It was pretty shocking."

The 8-year-old hit pay dirt in an Exeter New Hampshire park. He was out for a walk with his dad and his dog when he saw something in the grass.

"I just found a bag of money," said Max.  "I thought it was just gonna be paper. It was like a bank deposit book. It had Bank of America on it."

The 3rd grader copped to having a fleeting thought about keeping the money, but then he thought it over and decided to turn all $1,450 over to police.

He said it was the good thing to do.

And what goes around, comes around.  Police tracked down the owner who was so thrilled to have the money back, that Max was given a reward of $100 and four stickers.

Max says he plans on using the money to buy a sweet reward of pixie sticks!

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