8-year-old on mission to hug police officers in every state makes stop in Boston

BOSTON (WHDH) - An 8-year-old girl on a road trip across the country to hug police officers in all 50 states made a stop in Massachusetts Thursday.

Rosalyn Baldwin has made it her mission to show her appreciation for law enforcement officers. Her goal is simple: to spread some love and show appreciation for all that police officers do, one hug at a time.

“I just keep on hugging,” Baldwin said.”If I do run out of hugs, they instantly come back.”

Thursday’s trip to Boston Police Headquarters marked her 35th state.

“She wants to skew away from the bad things in society, what society says, and show the good,” said Angie Baldwin, Rosalyn’s mother. “That’s all she wants is to show love and goodness.”

“It’s good to see that people do care about law enforcement and do care about each other,”  Boston Police Superintendent-in-Chief William Gross said. “Who can refuse a hug from a child? That’s pure innocence. It’s not made up, not phony. It’s pure innocence, pure love.”

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