80-year-old New Hampshire woman seriously injured in bobcat attack

SUNAPEE, N.H. (WHDH) — An 80-year-old woman in Sunapee, New Hampshire is recovering after she was attacked by a bobcat in her garden.

Elsie Dabrowski said she was weeding her flowers and when she reached under a rose bush, the bobcat leaped out and attacked her.

“All I kept thinking was why, why is he doing this. Why is this stupid cat attacking me?” said Dabrowski.

Dabrowski said she used the sickle in her hand to fight back but the bobcat kept scratching and biting her. Her five dogs came to the rescue and one of them bit the bobcat, scaring the animal away. Dabrowski’s son said he heard the dogs barking and found the bobcat, killing it with his shotgun.

Fish and game authorities believe the bobcat may have been rabid because it had porcupines stuck in its face.

Dabrowski received dozens of stitches up and down her body and just began her rabies treatment. She said she feels fortunate that the bobcat did not hurt her more seriously.

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