80-year-old super fan and friends attend every Super Bowl in history

BOSTON (WHDH) - Don Crissman has been to every single Super Bowl going back to 1967, before it was even called the Super Bowl.

After about a dozen Super Bowl match-ups, Maine-native Crissman and his fellow game-goers thought of a name for themselves: “The Never-Miss-Super-Bowl-Club.”

“That’s when the name was adopted, I think it was Super Bowl 12. We were having a beer on Bourbon Street as I recall,” Crissman said.

The super fan promised his wife he would stop at 50 Super Bowls, but Crissman and his three longtime friends say they cannot stop now.

“Of course 2 of the fellas, we were 5, and 2 of them are in the ground now. So I didn’t think 50 was achievable but low and behold we did it,” Crissman said, adding that his friend Larry will go in a medical helicopter if he has to.

Don’s most memorable Super Bowl was number three, when Joe Namath pulled off what is considered to be one of the greatest upsets in sports history.

“The next one is Super Bowl 36, the Patriots first win. And then I have to put Malcolm Butler’s miracle game right up there with them,” Crissman said.

At age 80, Crissman said the Super Bowl has changed – for both better and worse.

“Ah, the halftime show to me I could care less. I mean I didn’t even know who Coldplay was last year,” Crissman said.

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