9-year-old Braintree girl saves dad’s life after bee sting

BRAINTREE, MA (WHDH) - A 9-year-old from Braintree is being hailed a hero by police officers and fire officials after she saved her father’s life when he went into shock after getting stung by a bee.

Alex Schneider was stung a dozen times by bees. His daughter, Arianna, immediately rushed to his aid.

“He started sweating and gulping for air,” she said. “His face was partially turning purple, then going to blue. I was so scared I called 911. I am proud of myself. I saved someone. Not just someone, a very special someone that means a lot to me.”

“If she wasn’t there, I would have been by myself,” Alex said. “I wasn’t able to talk. I was gasping for breath.”

Arianna kept a level head while speaking to a 911 operator.

“I was scared. I was nervous. I was kind of excited for the first time calling the police,” she said. “I was all kinds of these emotions, I didn’t know which one to pick.”

“She definitely saved my life,” Alex said.

“A 9-year-old to have the wherewithal not to panic, to know what she had to do is very impressive,” said Bill Sawtelle of the Braintree Fire Department. “She saved her father’s life.”

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