911 transcript: Man promised not to hurt woman amid rampage

MADISON, Maine (AP) — A Maine woman who fled to safety amid a deadly rampage says her boyfriend’s father promised not to hurt her as he killed his wife, his son and a neighbor.

In a newly released 911 transcript obtained by the Morning Sentinel, an unidentified woman tells a dispatcher that she and her boyfriend, Dustin Tuttle, were awoken by the screams of his mother early July 5 at his family’s Madison home. She says Tuttle was gunned down by his father, Carroll Tuttle Jr., before she escaped.

Police say Carroll Tuttle then went to a nearby home and shot Michael Spaulding. A 911 call from that location captured a dispatcher guiding the caller through an ultimately unsuccessful CPR attempt.

Investigators say Carroll Tuttle then wounded a fourth person before he was killed by police.

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