92-year-old man works as Meals on Wheels delivery volunteer in WY

CASPER, WY (WHDH) — Elmer Hoke, 92-years-old, has been delivering meals to people who are unable to leave their homes for years.

One of the volunteers at Meals on Wheels says most drivers come in once a week, but Hoke is there every day.

Many of the people Hoke delivers to are significantly younger than him.

When asked what keeps him going every day, Hoke said, “Well, I don’t know. It could possibly be maybe your church upbringing. In church, you’re supposed to help your neighbor.”

The Meals on Wheels organization says it is the dedicated volunteers like Hoke that allow them to continue their important work.

Hoke has no interest in slowing down any time soon. He said, “…as long as I’ve got drivers license and are able to get around, I enjoy doing it.”

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