A 50/50 Split Weekend Ahead

It was quite nice to kick off the holiday season with a coating of snow.  Generally speaking, snow totals were between 1-3″, east of 495.  Thanksgiving is about being thankful, but also about sharing and Mother Nature must have the same sentiments;  sharing the snow all around the Bay State and dropping the white stuff on areas that only saw rain during Wednesday’s storm.

Now the snow is here, and it will be sticking around for a bit.  Temperatures struggled to get into the mid 30s today, and tomorrow it will be difficult to climb above the freezing mark at all.  As skies clear out tonight and the breeze dies down, expect temps to drop like a rock as we get into Saturday morning.  Even walking out to get the Saturday morning paper, you’ll want to be very careful and watch out for the slick spots!  I expect this to be the coldest morning we’ve seen this season, with even some single digits not out of the question.

Clouds will increase as we move through Saturday ahead of a warm front that will push through on Sunday morning.  This warm front will boost our temperatures up significantly; by around 20 degrees! This is when we will see the snow melt, and the 50s stick around for Monday as well.

If I had a nickel for every time I have said, “What goes up must come down,” this season, when referring to the temperature trend…  We’re back down close to freezing by Tuesday.  However we are moving into a new month next week, and the cold and snow are expected during December, right?

Travel safely this weekend!