Dang—that wind was relentless, so was the cold! It’s January so I get it but not the best of winter days despite a fair amount of sunshine. Wind chills stayed in the single numbers all day & even the temps were stuck in the 20s all day. Not good but it is what it is. That wind will fade ease a bit tonight but those wind chills will still be low–down near zero for much of the night.

Less wind for Hump Day but still enough wind to add a chill. Temps will approach 30 but wind chills still running in the upper teens. #LayerUp. At least we have some sunshine on tap! Sunny skies and much less wind for both Thursday and Friday. Temps near 30 both days.

So, we’ve established (or…I hope I have) that the remainder of the week is quite cold, something that is needed for a snowstorm (something we’ve been lacking thus far). We will have a major storm form across the southeastern states on Friday and then move to the Mid-Atlantic (coastal Virginia) by Friday Night. From there, it’s a tough call as there are two possible storm tracks…

* Track 1 would be a track moving northeast from Virginia and would bring significant snow & wind to New England on Saturday. Ugh.

* Track 2 would be a track moving east from Virginia and would only bring some snow & wind to New England. As of this evening I’m leaning on Track 2 as the jet stream winds look to favor a more easterly track of a storm from Virginia.

Full disclosure…Our compute models likely need another day to really lock down a track (either 1 or 2) but as of now…let’s keep things at DEFCON4—no need to completely re-arrange your weekend plans (keep the Saturday Night dinner rezzies) just yet.

Tonight, my focus is not on bread & milk……but it is on tacos…enjoy your Tuesday evening.


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