Sometimes a storm makes it snow and sometimes it’s just the direction of the wind. Today is the latter–not the former. A northeast wind is tough for us here in New England as it means the air is coming from the northeast—-the Gulf of Maine. That’s air that is ripe with moisture and void of warmth (a northeast wind is death for warmth in the late spring/summer). Today, the northeast wind will result in clouds and even some patchy snow. I think there will even be some locations that get an inch or snow by late day. Those locations are likely at the immediate coast..Rt. 3 south of town–in town and Rt 1 north of town (95 up to the NH Seacoast too). The northeast wind loses its punch as you get farther from the ocean so plan on a fair amount of sunshine out beyond I-495 through the day.

The pattern is active so we have two potential storms to track. Thankfully, even within an active pattern, not every storm will be a direct hit and that happens to be the case with our next storm. It’s in the Great Lakes this morning and will carve a path south of New England tomorrow afternoon-night. It will also move at a fast pace preventing a wallop of snow. Plan on some patchy light snow arriving around 4-5pm Thursday and departing by 4-5am Friday morning. This will limit snowfall totals with most towns 1-2″ of snow (a little bit more out on Cape Cod).

The next potential storm is targeted for late Saturday evening and Sunday morning. This has the potential to be a bigger storm as the track will be a little closer than tomorrow night’s storm. As of now it’s too early for deets but plan on some snow late Saturday-early Sunday. As of now I would not cancel Valentine’s plans for Saturday night.

In any event, our pattern is loaded with cold and that will dominate the region for the next 1-2 weeks!

Spring is 38 days away.


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