“A League of Their Own” ladies hold annual reunion

SARASOTA, FLORIDA  (AP) —  The hit sports film “A League of Their Own” proved there’s no crying in baseball.

These women were tough and they paved the way for female athletes to be seen as equals.

The ladies that inspired the movie are holding their annual reunion.

Lois Youngen, a catcher for the Fort Wayne Daises said, “when I saw the film for the first time I cried.”

And now former athletes are in Sarasota for a reunion recalling a time when females baseball players were seen as equals.

“The press covered us every night,” said Youngen. “We played seven nights a week, they covered us seven nights. A nice big spread.”

They didn’t realize they were making history and now in hindsight, they want it preserved.

Along with their reunion, they are raising awareness for a proposed women’s sports museum in Sarasota.

The proposed museum would honor the baseball players and women from all sports.

Officials hope to have the museum completed within the next five years.


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