Juror #35 is a man who’s worked for the state Dept. of Energy Resources in gas and electricity since 1987. During jury questioning he wrote that he “would be honored to be eligible to serve.”

Juror #41 is a woman who describes herself as a senior executive assistant. She’s served on two other juries recently including a 2014 drunk driving case.

Juror #83 is an unemployed student whose financial aid fell through. He’s a Facebook user who tries to avoid political postings. His mother is from Iran and of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev he said “obviously he was involved in something.”

Juror #102 is a nurse who has worked in an ER. She says she’s “in the middle” on the death penalty and didn’t know Tsarnaev’s name until she was summoned.

Juror #138 is a water department worker near Boston. He favors the death penalty but says he could vote for a life sentence.

Juror #229 is a social worker who says she has a friend at Homeland Security. Regarding Tsarnaev’s guilt, she says “from what we saw on TV, we knew he was involved, from the media.”

Juror #286 is a restaurant manager who says she’s gotten high-fives for wearing a “Boston Strong” shirt.

Juror #349 designs women’s clothing. She says she watched the shootout in Watertown on TV and believes the defendant is guilty.

Juror #395 is a legal executive assistant. She is a white haired women who says she uses Facebook but doesn’t know how to post.

Juror #441 is a recently fired auditor. He says he’s trying to collect unemployment and would be happy to serve on the jury.

Juror #480 is a telecommunications engineer who works at Mass. General Hospital and was there the day of the bombing. He says “you could feel something in the air. Something happened.”

Juror #487 is a single mom of three with twin boys in 8th grade. Her ex-husband’s cousin ran in the Marathon. She says hearing about the death of 8-year-old Martin Richard would be the “hardest part” of the trial for her.


(Listened to all the evidence but are not involved in deliberations. They are standing by if one of the 12 jurors leaves. If an alternate is brought in deliberations would begin new.) 

Alternate juror #552 retired telecommunications worker. He says he has friends or relatives in law enforcement.

Alternate juror #567 is an Air Traffic Controller at Otis Air National Guard base in Falmouth. He thinks Tsarnaev was involved but is skeptical of the media.

Alternate juror #588 is in digital sales at Barnes & Noble in Peabody. She says she watched the “Boston Strong” benefit on TV but doesn’t have the Boston Strong materials her cousins have.

Alternate juror #598 paints houses and says “my wife is the breadwinner.” He thinks she may have donated to a victim fund.

Alternate juror #608 is a woman who is a retired actuary at Price Waterhouse.

Alternate juror #638 is a supervisor at the Department of Developmental Services. She says she’s unsure about guilt or the death penalty.

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