A Misty Morning

A bit of mist in the air–either from the onshore flow or the flop the Bruins took these past two weeks. Ugh. OK…back to weather…..the big rain storm that’s in the midwest right now is crawling east. Good right? Well, yes as the slow moving nature of the storm buys us fairly dry weather until its early Saturday morning arrival but crawling into new England means the storm will also crawl out of New England. #UnsettledPattern. While we wait for that storm to show up we do have some minor weather issues between now & Friday night.

Those issues are: Clouds, drizzle and humidity. The wind flow out ahead of that midwest storm is southerly which is warm & moist. the result will be morning clouds, drizzle & patchy fog both today & again tomorrow. I think as we step into each afternoon, there will be sunshine that shares the sky with the clouds. Even a limited amount of sunshine will boost temps into the low 70s. It will be humid throughout the day.

By late Friday afternoon/evening (4-6pm) that midwest storm finally begins to enter western New England as that happens the chance of showers will go up–especially in the Worcester Hills (as well as points west)–after 4pm. Metro Boston (North & South Shore too)will stay dry Friday afternoon & evening.

Saturday is rainy during the morning. In fact, that rain will be quite heavy for a short time with many cities & towns picking up between 1-2″ of rain by early afternoon. I do think the rain will taper to drizzle by mid to late afternoon but for the most part–it’s a damp day. Sunday sees the sunshine return but this storm parks itself offshore for several days which will keep the threat of scattered afternoon showers from Sunday well into next week. No washouts though.