BOSTON (WHDH) - Boston’s Black leaders say they are filled with pride to have a woman of color serving in the mayor’s office.

Charlotte Golar Richie, who finished third in Boston’s mayoral race back in 2013, said she is thrilled to see a woman of color finally leading the city.

“This is without any question, a monumental milestone for the city of Boston,” she said. “It’s a wonderful message for little Brown and Black girls and also for boys. It’s a message for everyone that shows that the city is welcoming and inclusive.”

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Dr. Lynn Wooten, the President of Simmons University says a female perspective in the Mayor’s office will be a plus.

“We know from my own research and others that women lead differently,” she said. “So, the way they make sense of their environment, how they build a team, how they nurture a culture, their perspective in strategic thinking…”

Dr. Valeri Roberson, President of Roxbury Community College said Janey’s move to the city’s top office is significant for girls and young women in the community.

“Having been a president, a Black female president and especially at community colleges, I know, I’m very conscious of the effect that just my being there is a signal to young girls that you can be in this seat.”

Leading the city out of the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to be a challenge. But, those who know Janey said she has what it takes.

“But what I do know is that she’s a people person so that should translate well for her reaching out to governor baker, for her reaching out to the speaker and the senate president,” said Micheal Curry, President of the Mass. League of Community Health Centers.

Community leaders also say Janey’s childhood growing up in Roxbury and attending school during the turbulent busing years will bring a new understanding to issues that affect people of color — such as police reform.

“Her perspective is one that is going to be welcomed because she understands what many of us Black men and other people of color have gone through at the hands of police officers and their overzealousness in terms of enforcement,” said the former President of the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts Darnell Williams.

The new acting mayor is keeping everyone guessing about whether she is considering a run for the permanent job in November. But, that has not stopped the speculation.

“I think she’s in it to win it,” Golar Richie said. “I think this is an amazing opportunity for her personally, for her in terms of her career but also for the city.”

Many leaders who expressed praise for Janey said they are also excited to see a diverse group of candidates that are already in the running for the mayoral job.

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