A new kind of ‘knight club’: Armored combat

NASHUA, N.H (WHDH) - A new fitness movement inspired by medieval warfare has people in New England getting their armor together.

Jaye Brooks is the co-founder of the Armored Combat League, which started back in 2012. At an old mill in Nashua, New Hampshire, participants put on suits of armor and attack each other with swords.

“It’s all for real,” said Brooks. “The punches are real, the kicks are real, the strikes with all the weapons are real. It’s real fighting, so I think people are getting a real jolt out of it.”

There are now 44 teams nationwide in the Armored Combat League. Brooks said teams from Mexico, Canada and even as far away as New Zealand have started teams.

“There is nothing like being hit full force and going, huh, oh yeah, that didn’t really hurt,” said Elizabeth Barnes, one of a few women participating. “And then you go and you just punch them right back. It’s just a wonderful feeling.”

The armor is real and heavy. The suits weigh between 50 and 60 pounds. While the fighting is real, it is not deadly. The weapons, while authentic, are blunted, so no serious injuries occur.

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