SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WHDH)– Four legged fitness. Sound strange? It works to keep your furry friend fit.

Obesity is becoming a problem in dogs and one man decided to do something about it. Nick Akron is a dog personal trainer and he’s the owner of “4 Paws” in South Carolina. The hottest new item on the pet market is the dog pacer. It’s a treadmill to keep your dog in shape.

“I love animals and I want to see animals in a healthy state of mind,” said Akron.

Akron said most dogs don’t get enough exercise.

“A lot of the dogs we have here are home most of the time, their owners take them out for a five or ten minute walk in the morning, they’re cooped up in a kennel or a house all day long. They come back in the evening, take a five or ten minute walk. That’s all the exercise the dog gets. They sit around all day long and become a couch potato in a sense,” said Akron.

Dr. Sonny King of Smith Animal Hospital said he sees obesity as the number one problem in dogs.

“The healthier you get them, slim and trim, keep the weight down. They don’t have the back, hip, and knee problems as they get older. We see a tremendous amount of diabetic dogs and cats,” said King.

Exercise and a good diet are key to keeping your four legged friend healthy.

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