Some incredible photos were popping up on Twitter today of snow up top, and fall color below.  Here’s one that Sugarloaf Mountain tweeted out.  The best of both seasons, in my opinion!  Just beautiful.  Even though the cold is settling in, the snow will be staying in the mountains and in northern New England, this time around.  Rest assured, we still have more fall weather to enjoy before winter is in full swing.

Nevertheless, we are expecting the coldest cold of the season so far.  In fact, it hasn’t been this cold since April 9th!!  You remember that far back?  Luckily, our cold for the next couple of days won’t be AS cold as April 9th (highs stuck in the 30s!), but we’ll still feel it.  A Freeze Warning is in effect for most of E. Mass. for overnight tonight, with the exception of Metro-Boston, Cape Cod and the Islands.  

SIDE NOTE: A "Warning" means the event will very likely happen, and a "Watch" means the potential is there for the event to happen.  In this case, the event we are talking about is a hard freeze, with temperatures dropping below the 32° for several hours.

Back to the blog:  So, a Freeze Warning is in effect for tonight (see graphic below) which means temperatures are expected to drop below 32° for several hours.  This will put an end to the growing season for most of the Bay State tonight.  You see how NW Mass. is not included under that warning?  Well, the growing season has already ended for those areas… They’ll get below 32° in those areas too, even though you don’t see the light blue coloring on that map (below).

Highs tomorrow will stay in the 40s for everyone.  Again, these are the coldest temps we’ve had since the beginning of April!  Worcester will stay in the low 40s, and Boston closer to 47° (or so).  We’ll still be battling a breeze out of the NW (10-20mph), which means it could even feel like it’s in the 30s from time to time.  At least the sunshine will be out!  This should help!  But it’s still a day to pack on the layers if you’re heading out.

Now, tomorrow night – The cold gets colder.  There is a Freeze Watch (again, meaning temps have the potential to drop below 32° for several hours) in effect for Metro-Boston, Cape Cod, and Martha’s Vineyard.  I said earlier tonight on Twitter that a good Italian meal is in my forecast for this weekend.  It really doesn’t matter where you are (with the exception of Nantucket), it’s time to harvest the last of the basil and tomatoes… because the growing season is done.  We’ll have less wind on Monday, but high temps are still stuck in the 40s…. and then…. wait for it…. Tuesday arrives!!!!!  Temps will rebound closer to 60° by Tuesday – and what a rebound that will be.  

Don’t worry.  Old Man Winter hasn’t moved in to stay!  He’s just popping through like the in-laws do from time to time.  Fall will make a return on Tuesday.  Also, GO PATS!  – Breezy

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