The rain’s outta here, but the chill remains this morning with a frosty start for many towns outside the city of Boston.  However, with the sun back in place, the temps warm up nicely, to near 60 inland.  Along the coast, localized sea breezes kick in, keeping temps in the lower 50s there.  That’s the rinse and repeat pattern into the weekend as "cooler at the coast" gets a lot of play this time of year.  Another rinse and repeat forecast…. the pollen counts.  We’re back to the high side with the tree pollen this afternoon and that count stays up there into the weekend as well.  Ahhhh chooo! 

While we’ll have a lot of dry times from here, into the weekend, there will be a few showers that get close Thursday night and Friday.  As high pressure holds it’s ground, most of those showers stay to our south, but it’s easier for the clouds to get in here.  Expect more clouds in the mix from late Thursday afternoon through the day Friday. 

The next best chance for widespread rain is Monday/Monday night.  That’ll likely be a chilly rain again.  While the average high temp in Boston is 60 degrees this time of year, the daily onshore breeze will keep much of the time below that.  So yes, the pattern is a bit below seasonal levels temp wise for late April/early May.  Wow!  Early May already upon us!

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