A Time for Rain

For all the hooting and hollering we’ve done about this rain, you’d think it would be pouring right now. 

But it’s not.

Hardly a shower as of this typing. However, that’s about to change. My tweets below explain the situation.

 In our defense, the pattern has been pretty quiet this autumn, and ANY event gets top billing in the news. This isn’t a huge rainstorm, but it will be the biggest "event" we’ll see through the Thanksgiving holiday.

So let’s get to it…

Sprinkles and showers are scattered and feeble now, but the aforementioned area of heavier rain will grow into downpours tonight as the southeast wind feeds moisture into the front. Sound evidence in the weather maps to suggest some cities and towns may come away with nearly and inch of water in those downpours, which is music to our ears in this drought. 

Winds will also increase to 30-40 mph as those downpours cross, but as quickly as the wind kicks up, it will drop off as the front crosses. Other than departing rain in the 5-8am time frame, there won’t be much to show for this weather system.

Mild air returns tomorrow as the sun breaks out, then we slide back to normal – and then below – this weekend and early next week.

Great travel coming for Thanksgiving week. No storms to threaten and a slow warming trend from Monday through the holiday.