An Abington man who was arrested after a high-speed car chase through multiple towns on Wednesday has been held without bail. 

Michael Leblanc, 28,  was taken into custody in West Roxbury. 

According to Walpole Police, officers responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle on top of a dam at around 10:15 a.m. When officers arrived, Leblanc pinned Walpole Police Officer Matt Crown’s hand in the car window and dragged him nearly 300 feet with his car at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour before Crown was able to free himself.

After he freed himself, Crown and another officer followed Leblanc for some time, until they lost sight of him and the police chase was picked up by other officer. A Toyota Camry was then seen by workers speeding through the golf course at the Walpole Country Club. After a few minutes, workers realized it was the same car that was involved in the chase. 

Crown was transported to Faulkner Hospital and was treated for injuries sustained after being dragged. He has since been released. 

According to State Police, officers from Norwood, Newton, Dedham, Boston and Walpole were involved in the chase. State Police attempted to deploy stop sticks on the highway during the chase but Leblanc was able to get around those devices. After driving at high speeds, sometimes reaching 80 miles per hour, on the highway and through residential areas, Leblanc got out of his car near the Party City in West Roxbury. The car then caught caught fire.

Officials said they were not aware of how the car initially ignited, but it was soon consumed by flames. Firefighters could be seen extinguishing large flames in and around the car after Leblanc ran away.

Leblanc was captured by police in the area of the VFW Parkway after attempting to enter an apartment building. Jim Moynihan, who opened his door to Leblanc, said Leblanc tried offering him money to let him in his apartment. Moynihan then closed the door and called 911.

Officials said after his arrest, Leblanc asked officers who transported him to the Walpole Police Department "what he had to do to get shot by police." Officers expressed concern about his mental state. He will remain at Walpole Police Department until he goes to court. 

Leblanc was arraigned in Wrentham District Court Thursday. He pleaded not guilty to attempted murder, destruction of property, assault and battery, and numerous motor vehicle charges. 

He was held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing on May 3. 

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