Acid splashes on worker during chemical spill in Milford

MILFORD, MASS. (WHDH) - Five people, including one who was splashed with acid, were taken to the hospital Monday following a chemical spill at a business in Milford.

A 55-gallon drum of hydrofluoric acid was ruptured by a forklift inside PEI on Fortune Boulevard, prompting a hazardous materials response, according to Milford Fire Chief William Touhey.

The acid splashed onto one employee’s face, officials said. Four others were sickened after inhaling the fumes.

They were all taken to an area hospital with injuries that are believed to be non-life-threatening.

“The victims were removed from the area. They were deconned inside the building,” Touhey said. “They had their clothes removed. They were put into Tyvek suits for transport to the hospital.”

PEI is a company that specializes in using hydrofluoric acid for metal etching and plating.

Touhey said the acid typically causes mild burns but in some cases, exposure can be fatal.

Cleanup crews have since contained the spill.

Employees are expected to be allowed back inside on Tuesday.

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