MALDEN, MASS. (WHDH) - A photo of a Malden police officer pulling over a toddler in a red Mercedes riding toy for apparently being far too adorable has gone viral.

Cori Salerno and her son, Grayson, were visiting family for dinner on Henry Street when officer Ayrton Borges, who happens to be a good friend, stopped by to say hello.

Borges was excited to see Grayson, who had celebrated his first birthday a few days prior, Salerno said. As the youngster played with his new Mercedes, Salerno said her sister-in-law thought it might be cute to stage a traffic stop.

“It’s a little remote control car, so we just drove him out to the sidewalk and my husband said ‘pretend to give him a ticket,'” she told 7News. “He’s so sweet. He just went along with it.”

Salerno says she is thrilled that the photo has brought happiness to many.

“Situations like these just make you realize how great it is to just take a second and appreciate the simple things and spread the love,” she said. ” I’m happy that so many people could just smile and get a kick out of it.”

Despite the traffic ticket, Salerno says she is confident Grayson will grow up to be a great driver.

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