General Sales Manager

Jimmy Rogers

Ph: 617-725-0761

WHDH 7NBC Local Sales Manager

Marcy Burt McCauley

Ph: 617-725-0754

WLVI CW56 Local Sales Manager

Jennifer Howe MacDermott:

Ph: 617-725-0860

WHDH 7NBC National Sales Manager

Morgan Guthrie

Ph: 617-248-5306

WLVI CW56 National Sales Manager

Kevin Ward

Ph: 617-725-0647

Director of Marketing & Business Development

Ross Kramer

Ph: 617-725-0641

Administrative Assistant

Lorraine Mattson

Ph: 617-725-0757

Traffic Manager

Patricia Markham

Ph: 617-725-0722

WHDH 7NBC Account Executives

Patrick Commane: 617-725-0766

Melissa Freitas: 617-725-0694

Lindsay Hoey: 617-725-0750

Tim O’Brien: 617-725-0726

Sam Parker: 617-725-0753

Katie St. Cyr: 617-725-0392

Digital Sales

Jenn Boone: 617-248-5442

WLVI CW56 Account Executives

Jean Marie Chaisson: 617-248-5399

Tayla Gobbi: 617-248-5519

Sherry Gaglione: 617-248-5520

Andrea Salive617-725-0392

Samantha Wolin: 617-248-5393

Telerep Office

WHDH Vice President of Telerep office

John Tedesco

Ph: 212-759-8787

Fax: 212-644-0739


WLVI General Sales Manager

Cris Marchignoli

Ph: 212-588-2637

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