After days of searching, woman’s dog found underground

Montville, ME (WHDH) — Meet Moxie, a 6-year-old miniature schnauzer, who was the center of an all out dog hunt after she snuck past the gate of her Maine home.

As the hours passed her owner, Merrie Bettler, got worried.

“So she and some friends were out in the woods interviewing anyone they could find that was walking around, the mailman, neighbors,” said Bettler’s daughter, “and nobody had seen her at all.”

After days of searching, a friend’s search and rescue dog led Bettler to a wooded area near the home.

But Moxie was nowhere to be found. She was actually underground.

In the middle of the night, while in the rain, Bettler’s daughters began to dig through an intricate web of underground tunnels to find their mother’s beloved pet.

“We all realized it was way over our heads with just one shovel and a couple of girls out in the woods in the rain with a flashlight,” said Bettler’s daughters. “That’s when my mom called the fire department.”

Seven firefighters rushed to the scene, set up lights, picked up shovels and got to work.

After hours of digging, in the early morning hours, Moxie was found, unphased by the entire ordeal.


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