LEOMINSTER, MASS. (WHDH) - Less than four months after flooding devastated Leominster, community members are still rebuilding. 

With a new rainstorm bearing down this week, many say they are anxious over the impacts of more wet weather. 

“Any time there’s more than a quarter of an inch, half inch, we’re always worried about it,” Mayor Dean Mazzarella told 7NEWS on Sunday. 

Waters rose suddenly in Leominster on the night of Sept. 11, washing out roads and yards, damaging homes and businesses and carrying cars down streets. 

At The Fix Burger Bar, employee Haley Hollenbach said the floodwater surged through a door, breaking glass and filling the restaurant’s first floor. 

The Fix ended up with about 5.5 feet of water in its basement. 

Staff ultimately needed to replace the floor, booths and bar while throwing out tens of thousands of dollars in food and drink supplies.

“It was, like, wrecked,” said employee Sophia Mochieti. “Like, truly wrecked.”

At The Fix, repairs were finally finished last month. 

Elsewhere in Leominster, some homes damaged in September’s flooding remain uninhabitable. 

“Eleven inches of rain in a 900 year storm, it’s hard to prepare for that,” Mazzarella said.

Mazzarella spoke on Sunday while this weekend’s snowstorm was busy dumping upward of 17 inches of snow on Leominster, as measured by a National Weather Service spotter. 

While rebuilding efforts have moved forward over the past four months, Mazzarella said the city is still waiting to see if FEMA will be releasing federal dollars to help with the cost.

In the meantime, he and others said they regularly have their eyes on weather forecasts. 

“The last rainstorm we had kind of made everyone nervous,” said Hollenbach at The Fix. “So, I think everyone’s a little nervous now.” 

The region’s incoming rain and windstorm is forecast to arrive Tuesday night and continue into Wednesday morning. 

Forecasts as of Monday night call for heavy rain and gusty wind across much of New England, with the potential for flooding, wind damage and power outages. 

With flooding in mind, Mazzarella and others have urged residents to help clear snow off catch basins to help with drainage.

For the latest forecasts and projected storm impacts, read the 7WEATHER blog.

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